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Probing in .Net

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What is probing in .net?

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 is the process of locating assembly (dll) required to the Application.
In .Net framework when resolve an assembly reference, CLR first checks GAC, then search the application directory in specific locations.

If the referenced assembly is not found in the application base and no culture information is provided, the runtime searches any subdirectories with the assembly name. The directories probed include:

   [application base] / [assembly name].dll
   [application base] / [assembly name] / [assembly name].dll

If culture information is specified for the referenced assembly, only the following directories are probed:

   [application base] / [culture] / [assembly name].dll
   [application base] / [culture] / [assembly name] / [assembly name].dll

If the assembly is not in one of those locations, CLR will fire AssemblyResolve event. You can subscribe to AssemblyResolve event and return the assembly using Assembly.LoadFrom/LoadFile/Load(byte[]).

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