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Use of C# 'default' keyword

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How to initialize a default value when you know its data type?

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Using default keyword we can initialize default value for its type like as shown below:

public int amount = default(System.Int32);

The default key word is normally used to initialise a member in a generic classes. In generic classes and methods, one issue that arises is how to assign a default value to a parameterized type T when you do not know the following in advance: 
  1. Whether T will be a reference type or a value type.
  2. If T is a value type, whether it will be a numeric value or a struct.

For example, here’s an example from MSDN help

public class GenericList<T>
  private class Node
      public Node Next;
      public T Data;
  private Node head;
  public T GetNext()
      T temp = default(T);

The type 'T' is parameterised type for the template. With the line in bold the type 'T' could be a numeric value (so the variable should be initialised to '0') or a reference (and so should be initialised to NULL). Using default here makes sure the correct initialisation takes place.

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