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SQL Server 2000 vs SQL Server 2005?

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Difference between sql server 2000 and sql server 2005?

Answer 1)
Sql server 2005 New features:
  1. Datatype varchar(max), XML datatype
  2. OUTPUT Clause
    • A Pivot Table can automatically sort, count, and total the data stored in one table or spreadsheet and create a second table displaying the summarized data. The PIVOT operator turns the values of a specified column into column names, effectively rotating a table.
  5. Tools and utilities
    • Data types
    • T-SQL enhancements
    • Programmability enhancements
    • XML support
    • Native XML web services
    • SQL Management Objects
    • SQL Server Integration Services
    • SQL Server Reporting Services
    • SQL Server Notification Services
    • SQL Server Service Broker
    • Replication Management Objects
    • SQL Server Agent
    • SQL Server Mobile Edition
    • The code used in the book is available

In sql server 2000 Extended Stored procedures are modified into CLR Stored procedures in sql server 2005.

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