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ASP.NET page life cycle

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What is Page Life Cycle in 2.0?

Answer 1)

Following are the events occur during ASP.NET Page Life Cycle:


This event is the beginning of the page life cycle. Every page controls are initialized and the properties are set according to aspx source code.

  1. Possible to Change or set Master page, Themes
  2. Creates or re-creates dynamic controls.
  3. Reads or sets Profile property values.


First, the Init event for the Page object occurs, and then Init event occurs for each control on the Page. Viewstate information is not available at this stage.

  1. Controls have been initialized
  2. Theme skins applied if any.
  3. Initialize control properties.


This event is used to processing tasks that require all initialization be complete


This event is used before Perform any processing that should occur before Load. Use this event if you need to perform processing on your page or control before the Load event. Before the Page instance raises this event, it loads view state for itself and all controls, and then processes any postback data included with the Request instance.


Allows actions that are common to every request to be 
placed here. Note that the control is stable at this time; it has been 
initialized and its state has been reconstructed.

6.Control Events

These are control specific events such as – Button Click, DropDownIndexChanged etc. 


This event is used for performing those tasks which require load has been completed.


In this event page insures that all child controls are created. Page calls EnsureChildControls for all controls, including itself. Every controls whose datasource/databind property is set calls for its databind method. 


This event occurs after viewstate encoded and saved for the page and for all controls. 


Every ASP.NET control has render method and the page instance calls this method to output the control’s markup, after this event any changes to the page or controls are ignored


Unload event used to do cleanup task like closing the database connections, closing of the open files, completing logging or other requested tasks. Unload events occurs for each control on page control tree first and after that page.

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